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Banco de energía con una capacidad de 10050 mAh, Batería de iones de litio, Tensión de la batería: 3.6 V, Temperatura de funcionamiento (TT): 0 - 40° C, Voltaje de salida: 5.1 V, Diseño con carcasa de aluminio anodizado, Tamaño de tarjeta de crédito

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ASUS ABTU005.Lightweight and Powerful World's No.1 Credit Card Size, high capacity, 10050mAh Power Bank Small and LightFits Perfectly in Your Palm.

ASUS ZenPower's power-packed 10050mAh battery is perfect for fully charging any smart deviceIt weights just 215g and is no bigger than a credit card.

All the Power You Need to Keep You Going ASUS ZenPower's built-in 10050mAh battery offers substantial capacity to keep not just one, but multiple devices charged and ready to goPremium Zen Design Light weight aluminum outer casing for beauty & strength.

It's ergonomic feel and a smooth, premium finish gives it a look of luxuryStyle on the Go! The ASUS ZenPower is designed with anodized Aluminum casing to create a device you'll want to show off.

Choose from a range of colors and casesExtra Protection with a Vibrant Twist Countoured for the perfect fit, ZenPower Bumper adds an extra layer of tactile toughness that's as vibrant as the color you choose! Ultra-Fast Charging Quickly put life back into all your devices with ASUS ZenPower.

It offers high-speed, high-efficiency charging with up to 2.4A outputProtect Yourself and Your Device Exclusive ASUS PowerSafe Technology monitors temperature, controls both input and output voltages, and guards against short circuits to provide you with maximum safety while charging.

Rigorously Tested to Ensure Top Quality We take pride in running thousands of tests to provide you peace of mind and knowledge that your ASUS ZenPower can withstand 60kg of weightload and will make it through the day-to-day usages.


Fecha actualizado : 09/04/2018


Características y especificaciones de ASUS ABTU005

Tamaño : 2,21 x 9,04 x 5,89 cms. ( Alto x Largo x Ancho )

Color: Negro

Fabricante :Asus

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