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Tecnología bóveda de carga, Administración de energía digital, Built-in charge y cables de sincronización, Disponible con conector relámpago o conector Micro USB, Hecho para los productos de Apple, los teléfonos inteligentes y tabletas

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The mophie powerstation plus line-up incorporates compact design, integrated charge and sync cables and universal compatibility making charging on the go easier than ever.Charge your mobile devices faster than everAll powerstation plus models charge devices at speeds up to 2.4A.

That is 2-4 times faster than typical smartphone chargersCharge a power-hungry tablet from 0% to 100% in as little as six hours.

Enables pass-through charge and sync while connected to a computerPower is sent to your device first, then the powerstation plus unit recharges itself.

Portability is keyThe built-in charge and sync cables are always available and when you're not charging, they store neatly behind the hinged, aluminum top cover for a clean, streamlined appearance.

Constructed with built-in Lightning or micro USB cables, the powerstation plus batteries are universally compatible with both iOS and micro USB based mobile products.


Fecha actualizado : 11/04/2018


Características y especificaciones de Mophie PowerStation Plus 3X

Tamaño : 10,31 x 5,84 x 1,93 cms. ( Alto x Largo x Ancho )

Fabricante :Mophie

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